Our Company

An established company with the valuable experience of implementing over 1600 varied projects for reputable clientele across the Middle East & North Africa.

Our Company


In 1976, Wesmi Company was first established as a security fence company with American specialists to provide fencing, including zoo cages, enclosures, security gates and windscreens. We were able to complete over 1,600 projects successfully. By 1979, we acquired the capability to supply Agricultural services & products such as Silos & irrigation systems, and we continue this until today. In 1984, our expertise branched out to the construction of sports projects, inclusive of tennis & squash courts and football fields. 1993 brought us the highly successful and innovative «Norweco» Wastewater Treatment System, a sustainable substitution for septics that recycles waste water for irrigation purposes. Swimming pool maintenance was added to our portfolio in 1998, with the growing demand of recreational pools in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; after that, the rest of our recent activities were added consecutively



Wesmi Co. seeks to provide a safe, sustainable environment with a varied range of services, products and solutions extending across the Middle East & North Africa. Our goal is to strengthen the leading position of the company, and to ensure its establish ment in the coming years in the Arab region and internationally, build ing clients’ trust and retaining the company’s spectacular reputation and outstanding quality.